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See This Jib Sheet Post on Scripture Twisting

August 30, 2008

I have posted a comment on recent Scripture twisting in the current political race.  You can find it here.


Towards Easter

February 21, 2008

Every Easter time we get together and sing old Easter favorites like, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.  As a Pastor, I sometimes think we don’t appreciate it enough.  So, starting Sunday morning, we will spend three weeks in John 11 where I hope we will gain an even greater appreciation for what it meant for Jesus to go to the cross for us.  This chapter deals with Jesus going to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the grave.  It all happened just before Palm Sunday and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  I am amazed how pitiful the disciples, Mary and Martha and the unbelieving Jews were.  Yet, I realize how much like them we all are.  So, read John 11 before Sunday and see if you see yourself in there with all the other pitiful characters.  It was their pitifulness that made them, and should make us, appreciate Easter all the more.  See ya Sunday, Lord willing!