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The Fear Of The Lord

March 5, 2010

In studying for Sunday I have discovered that the concept of fearing the Lord appears over and over.  In the Old Testament most references are to what comes to the believer who fears the Lord.  For example, “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  (Psalm 111; all over Proverbs)  In the New Testament, the Fear of the Lord is described more often as something we should do, or as a state of being.

There seem to be two popular schools of thought about the Fear of the Lord for Christians.  One says that fear is just that-being afraid of God-but in a healthy way.  He is all powerful and we need to watch our step.  The other says that fear refers to reverence.  Not actually being afraid, but respecting Him greatly.  I think they both miss the mark.

Sunday we will look at the relationship of  God’s Power, God’s Grace and Fear of the Lord.  Come and learn and enjoy your Fear of the Lord.