Murders In Huntsville

These past two weeks have seen school shooting in our town.  First, there was the shooting at Discovery Middle School.  Now, yesterday a UAH Professor was accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three others.
The community response to these terrible acts has been good, in the sense that most people are full of concern and compassion for the families.  There has also been talk about learning lessons from the shootings that will help prevent similar acts in the future.

What is surprising, considering the number of people who identify themselves as Christians, has been the surprise exhibited that such a thing could happen here.  Our theology informs us that people, since the fall, are inherently evil.  We do, according to Paul, the things we know we should not do. (Romans 7)  While Paul is speaking, I believe, particularly about non-christians, the same is true about us–we sin!

In fact, our faith is based upon an understanding that it was our sins which required Christ to die.  To put it truthfully, but perhaps too strongly, we are all forgiven murderers.

In Acts 2 and 3, that is the way that Peter preaches the Gospel–“Hey. you murderers, be forgiven and believe on Jesus!”

Now I understand that most of us will never actually commit a murder in this life, it is important for us to understand that sin in all its forms is related to murder.  We shouldn’t be shocked to see it happen.
So, when murder happens we do need to be filled with compassion for those who have lost family or friends.  We need to grieve with them.  We do need to think about what steps we can take  to restrain others from doing similar acts in the future.  We also, however, need to have compassion on those who are still alive and preach the Gospel to them.  Read Acts 2 and 3, and be prepared.  Tomorrow we will look at how Peter used his time to explain our need for the Savior to people exposed to murder.  Let’s learn from it.

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3 Comments on “Murders In Huntsville”

  1. Carter Says:


    As I read this I think of our Savior and how he has covered all of our sins and how His divine mercy continue to shelter us as we grieve for those who suffer at the hands of the acts commited against them. Yet, In my mind I think about how often we can state our displeasure and surprise about that which has happened. The fact of we christians knowing that man has been in a fallen state since the garden of Eden doesn’t lessen the shock of the sin commited. But it also let me know that through these acts we must hold even closeer to the knowledge that Christ is our only salvation and His promise will protect us, even at the hand of murders.

    The question I ask is why we can always find it in us, in our hearts the need to deeply show sorrow for those who suffer loss at the hand of the sinner?.
    Yet, in conversation and as we so often witness in venues, we fail to pray for the perpetrator?
    We should literally find ourselves praying for the lost openly, with our motivation being a common commitment to fufill Christ in all things. This si what He did, even when He was muredered on the cross. I ask for mercy for that poor lost sole yesterday and the week prior at Discovery. I know this is what our Savior ask of us and we must seek His full understanding in us in order to properly be His true withness at all times, an especially in these times of turmoil. I ask that we pray openly forthelost and show a sincere mercy for all of God’ Beloved.

    Christ is our true completion in times of tragedy.

    As always, in always,
    Seek His Face in humility as we ask for mercy for those who don’t know or have forgot Him in times of trouble…


  2. Tom N Says:


    You are absolutely correct, evil is all around us and we should not be surprised when we wind up being punched in the nose by it.

    As parents we need to heed Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it”. This imperative from scripture implies not only a trainee, but a trainer. Parents are called by God to take an active part in the development of their children by striving to impart in them a godly world view.

    When parents allow their children to be virtually “trained up” via the internet the parent abdicates their responsibilities to the alter egos of their adolescent friends. This seems to be taking place across the broad spectrum of society. This problem can happen in the home of a college professor, a head of industry or that of a service worker.

    Parents cannot trust the public school system to join in the promotion of a godly world view. I am afraid all the public school system expects of our children is to successfully pass metal detector and occasional drug tests. I believe it is safe to assume that the school system is not on board to support the students, families and churches in imparting scriptural morals in our children.

    Parents, must spend considerable time with their children as their trainer. When a child tells a parent that there is no inappropriate activities, trust them, but as Ronald Reagan said on more than one occasion, “Trust but verify.” Parental involvement on an ongoing basis along with regular involvement in their church must now be the basis for “Training up” a child.

  3. I have always been a very compassionate person, sometimes to a fault. Perhaps you’d like to quote where I have EVER said their country of origin is a factor. I don’t give a flying fig where they’re from, what language they speak, or their race/ethnicity/skin color. My issue is with their wanton disregard for our laws and the citizens of this country. And, their fiscal burden is astronomical. No, we are NOT “all the same.” Some of us choose to be law-abiding, and considerate of others. While others choose to be lawless, and don’t give a damn about harming others, as long as they get what they want. BIG difference. If you want info on the lives ruined by illegal immigration, just search this forum or Google. Such articles and threads are plentiful. I am sure you are aware of the fact that millions of illegals use IDs stolen from the living and the dead. Do you actually not realize how this impacts the lives of their victims and/or survivors? In addition, many are not here simply to work. They are here committing violent acts, including rape and murder. Sadly, most will never receive punishment. And, many are deported after serving prison sentences only to return to commit additional crimes. You claim to feel compassion for “everyone.” Yet, you support illegal aliens to the detriment of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

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