Professing One Thing And Living Another

Wed. evening we will be discussing two recent blog posts that seem to me to hit right where too many of us Christians live–in and of the world!
The first is here, and is from our own Cindy Reaves.  It reminds me of Paul’s statement in I Cor. 15:32.  “If the dead are not raised, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”  But if they are, how should we live?

The second is here, and deals with the fact that one can’t be a theistic evolutionist.  If death is “natural,” then we don’t need salvation.  Again, how many Christians try and live with one foot in the Bible and one foot in a “natural” view of life?
These questions have a lot to do with what Peter is saying in our Sunday morning text.  So, do a little thinking and come to Game Day Grill Wed. at 6:30.

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