The Two Seeds

In Genesis 3, God, as part of the curse, puts hostility between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman; then he promises redemption to the woman.

Today in church we were reviewing the conflict that the movie, Expelled creates.  Anti-God “seed” and those who claim Him as father argue over intelligent design.  Did God create us?  We say He did, they say He didn’t.

I asked why there aren’t more conflicts representative of the seed conflict.  Why don’t we see more “spiritual warfare?”  The conversation concluded, through Jim’s comment,  that we don’t because we have made peace with so many ideas that are contrary to a Christian worldview.

Cindy said that she thinks that most of us lack the training needed to go on the defensive (offensive) and take on those who speak loudly against God.  Yet, Peter says that we are always to be ready to “apologize” for our faith.

My suggestion was that we use our minds to point out the inconsistencies in other worldviews.  For example, I read from Darwin’s The Descent of Man, and showed where he, within five pages of explaining how the survival of the fittest applies to civilized man, and where he says it doesn’t (pp.182-187).  That is an inconsistency we need to talk about.

At the same time, we should expect that the natural man won’t understand our worldview, but at least we will have taken the first step to get him to question his.  That may create conflict, but it is a kind act towards preparing others for the Gospel.

Always, when doing apologetics, use the Railroad Sign” approach; stop, look and listen.  Stop before you barge right in.  Look and listen to see if this is a good time to do this.  Will your making your point humiliate your friend in front of others?  Is he so angry that he won’t hear what you say?  Can you plan a follow up conversation?

Finally, don’t be surprised by conflict.  Spiritual conflict is what Jesus promised us.  It is what He uses to reach others through you–the seed.

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One Comment on “The Two Seeds”

  1. paisleyandplaid Says:

    We’re appalled at anti-God policies and behaviors around us. We talk about it among ourselves: “Can you believe they’re doing that?”

    I agree that a “warfare” mode isn’t the norm. Outside church and family, I can’t remember the last time for me. Can you?

    What we need are venues for discussion centered around Christian worldview. Fairly safe venues. As “Expelled” the film demonstrates, visibly or audibly allowing for, much less supporting, creationism or ntelligent design may cost us our job. In theory we’re willing to “forsake all” but in reality a man’s gotta live.

    Where might we engage? Church is a good place. Don’t we believe that all of life is really God’s? We shouldn’t get squeamish about issues beyond the publisher’s quarterly.

    When we get together socially, maybe have a little friendly debate over BBQ — slaw, chips, sweet tea, Darwin.

    There are pagans, er, unbelievers, who side with us on some issues. Engaging them when we encounter them might have good if not eternal results. Just a comment , or more, in a mannerly, winsome fashion.

    We might start a free blog or forum fcused on biblical responses to the news. You neveknow who might read

    Christian schools in EVERY academic area should be about the business of training in apologetics not to mention ethics and philosophy.

    Finally, home is where we can really hash it out, testing ideas, correcting faulty ones, and practicing interaction/debate modes on each other!

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