New Thoughts from Bill Deiss

So I am here at work with the TV on in the background and Fox news is broadcasting the arrival of the Pope. As he steps off the plane, the crowd erupts in cheers and praise for this man who is acclaimed as deity. This was not the somber, reverent, even woeful greeting one would expect of such a leader in the religious community. It was a cheerful, joyful welcoming of a person who has wisdom, power, and compassion for his congregation.

Now I have to ask myself why is our “praise and worship” in the church so somber, woeful, even mournful. It is almost like we don’t believe that our sins are washed away so we can come boldly to the throne of grace. We are no longer wretches or lowly worms in the sight of an angry God but have been adopted as His beloved children.

When we come together to greet each other and welcome God into our presence, I believe that we should do so with a heart of gladness and rejoicing. Or do we only think that celebrities are deserving of our accolades and praise? Does God only get to see our sad hanging head? Or does he desire our shouts of joy and thanksgiving.

This last week Kathleen Neve got so excited about how well Nick did in singing his part during the special music. Her face just lit up like a beam of light. She was so proud of him and sang his praises. Indeed he did well and I am very proud of him as well as all my kids. When our kids are deserving of praise we shower them with positive accolades and sometimes special gifts for a job well done.

Just think about how you praise others for things that they do well. What is your facial expression? Do our eyes light up when we offer them accolades? Do we “High Five” them and tell others how wonderful they did? Doesn’t God deserve to be treated the same or better? That my friends is real appropriate worship to God. It isn’t in our careful choice of words or music, but in our hearts and attitudes toward Him who delivered us and set us FREE!!!!!!

My 2 cents worth…..

Bill Deiss

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One Comment on “New Thoughts from Bill Deiss”

  1. Carter Says:


    Praise God for giving you the ability to exspress these words so eloquetly. I so often wonder how anyone could contain themselves when you think of God’s goodness in ourlives and what that truly mean.

    As so many of the old spritiuals so often encourage us to do, we should be jubilient in praise, earnestly expressing our appreciation for the blessings we have and do receive.

    The single most heartfelt thing we can do is be truly jubilent in worship. We should always sing His praises as thought they are the greatest and most profound thing that we can do.

    Our praises are the one thing that signify our understanding and conviction.

    God Bless You…


    The greatest thing we can do is daily give furvent praise to Him for

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