The Missing “The”

Sunday morning we talked about the fact that in Acts 2:42, there are four activities which the early church participated in when the met at the temple.  Each one, in the original language, starts with the definite article–the.  There is THE Apostles teaching, THE fellowship, THE breaking of THE bread and THE Prayer.  I mentioned how strange it is that today, in many churches, the liturgy includes the THE in several elements of the service.  For example, many bulletins refer to THE Pastoral Prayer, THE Lord’s Supper, THE Preaching of the Word (or THE Sermon).  What you don’t find is, THE Fellowship.

Interestingly, THE fellowship is not only missing from our services today, so is the “gladness and singleness of heart” which is mentioned in the following verses.  We will talk more about this on Wed. evening at our “outing.”

I also asked the question, where in the Bible do you find the mission of the church?  Most people believe it is in the Great Commission.  Wed. evening we will talk about why the Great Commission is more a method to fulfill the mission that it is the mission itself.  Check out Ephesians 3 for a better statement of the mission.

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