Bill Deiss’s Unity Video

Bill Deiss forwarded a video and the following comments about Church Unity. Nice job, Bill!

As we know the Bible calls the devil a “roaring lion seeking who he may devour”. It is plain to see in Church that it is the quite often the young and week Christians who fall pray to the devourer and then proceed to have the life chocked out of them while the “Covenant Body” sits by and apathetically watches. It has been said that Christians like to “shoot their wounded”. We tend to leave young and weak Christians to their demise for many reasons. Sometimes we think that we have no power over circumstances or attacks from the devil. The Bible is clear that Satan wants to render us powerless with fear, bitterness, anger, jealousy, and other types of sin that keep us off guard and promote disunity in our ranks. This makes some of us easy pray for the enemy.
In the video the young water-buffalo is attacked by 2 different adversaries who have a tug of war over his life with the intent to rip the poor little guy to shreds. Thankfully, the water-buffalo herd pull together and go to the rescue. They stomp and charge and are persistent in confronting the lion until the lions let go of the the little guy and he goes back into the safety of the herd. He is then surrounded by the big bad “elder” water-buffaloes who go on the offensive against the lions and chase them away.
The Bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities who would have us confused or even worse, indifferent to the needs of others who struggle in our body. I think it is time the church took a lesson from the water-buffalo and stood our ground and stop being a docile, weak, and apathetic creatures and started taking care of the members of the body.
Do we look at struggling members of our body and walk away being “thankful that its not us”? OR……Do we surround that member, with our face toward the enemy and declare God’s grace and mercy and cover them with our prayers. There is a reason we take up the full armor of God…..We have a shield that will quench the fiery darts…..not just for ourselves but for our brothers and sisters as well.
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One Comment on “Bill Deiss’s Unity Video”

  1. Rodibidably Says:

    I would like to invite you to post your reply to an open question to all believers, on my blog:

    I am asking in all sincerity, because I do actually want to understand differing view points, and since you seem quite certain of your faith, I feel your input would be relevant.

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