Golden Compass and Lack of Responsibility

The furor over The Golden Compass is overblown. I have read the book, which is more antichristian than the movie. I have also seen the movie. I guess fantasy just doesn’t do it for me. I only read The Hobbit, and skipped the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I missed the whole Narnia series. I only read one Harry Potter. So, my comments on the movie about lack of plot, poor character development, etc., may have more to do with my disdain for fantasy than anything else. I will avoid a movie review here, and save it for my blog at Jib Sheet.

The one part of the book/movie that I find most “dangerous” is the concept of ” Age of Accountability.” The premise is that kids aren’t in danger of being responsible for sin until they reach adolescence. This idea is strikingly like a similar teaching that runs through the Christian churches. And, it is not biblical. (Practically speaking, is there any question that babies are selfish from the start?)

The Bible teaches that since Adam, all people born are born as sinners. Even before they do their first sinful act, they are credited with Adam’s sin; original sin is the term used most often to describe this fact. In Romans 5 (10-21) Paul develops this idea that Adam was our representative, and sin has been a part of our nature ever since. Even the newest baby is a sinner in the sight of God. It is, as Dylan (Bob) says, “running in our veins.” I Cor. 15:22 says this simply, ” For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” In other words, everyone needs a savior.

The Bible also gives us the account of Paul being changed from sinner to saint in the twinkling of an eye. Those with retardation, or too young to hear the Gospel are, if they are saved, saved the same way. God works how and when He will.

So, my point is this. When the book says that sin is good, I don’t expect most Christians to buy it. When the book or movie talks about the age of accountability, I am more concerned that this idea will strike a familiar note with God’s people who have heard this before. I hope that on a Wednesday night we can discuss the idea of original sin more, and be better able to help others appreciate even more the need all of us have for a Savior.

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