Bad calls happen outside of football

All the fuss about Golden Compass got me thinking. We are so inconsistent in our thinking. Every _____________(fill in the blank appropriately if you are a college fan or NFL fan) we shout at the television when an official fails to get a call right. We insist that the rules be followed, especially when it helps our team or cause. Yet, we get it wrong regularly outside of sports.

When we read or watch movies, we are manipulated by authors or actors to like or dislike characters and actions. Yet, if we took the time to think about it, we would know that the character or act was “against the rules.” By that I mean the character, as likable as he may be, is ungodly, or is involved in acts which we shouldn’t champion. By being emotionally involved, we sanction whatever it is that we should (and do) know is wrong. We would go nuts if an official ruled that way. For example, when a receiver acts like he caught a pass after it has hit the ground, we don’t like it. We reallly don’t like it when the official is tricked by the acting. So, why are we so gullible when we read or watch?

It might be a good idea to have a reading/watching uniform consisting of black pants and a vertically striped, black and white shirt. What do you think?

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