Being a .500 Writer

In baseball, a .500 average makes you an unbelievable superstar. When blogging, getting it half right doesn’t qualify as well. Nothing is less satisfying to me (okay, almost nothing) than reading an article or blog entry that seems to be great, then takes a sharp turn and ruins everything. Today that happened on the Reformation 21 blog.

Carl Trueman, who is a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, not the sacred California campus) blogged about the movie Golden Compass, and the uproar against it by many in the Christian community. He singled out a critic who has stirred up a boycott against the film. Trueman’s point was a good one. We are foolish to stir up publicity for anti-Chjristian stories, movies, plays, etc. All we do is fall into the trap the enemy sets for us to give what he is doing more publicity. (Those are my words, not Trueman’s.)

We are suckers for this type of thing, much as the Clinton campaign has accused Obama of being over a column written by a Republican leaning columnist. Bad things happen all around us. It is a fallen world. We don’t have to soak up all the dirt written about dirt. Dirt plus dirt is still dirt.

Unfortunately, Trueman makes a sharp turn in his next comment. He says its “just a movie … its a fantasy that can be understood just as a fantasy.” Oh really? Whatever happened to worldview? Do we let kids go and see a movie where the author sows the idea that God is a bad idea? Don’t we take precautions by ensuring that people who go and see it also discuss it so that it is not understood as “just a fantasy?” That’s why we have parents and teachers. We never provide anyone with reading material that will mislead them without being responsible enough to talk about it with them. I am sure that in Trueman’s classes, the students read liberal theologians. I am also sure that he doesn’t assign the readings without discussion. I doubt if he ever says, “It is just a book about the Bible.”

It is one thing to refrain from giving the boogie man extra publicity. It is another to say that he is just the boogie man. Careful what you blog, for a .500 blogger is not a superstar. That is exactly the point I made today in The Jib Sheet.

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