Welcome to Apokalupto

Apokalupto is Greek for, “to reveal.”  This will be our blog, at Connections Presbyterian, and those who join in from cyber-elsewhere, to discuss topics we have on our mind.  It will be a place where you can add comments about the Sermon, our offline discussions,  direct Bible questions, etc.  In short, it will “reveal” more of what we want and need to know about God and His world.

The only ground rule is: don’t be shy.  Oh, you can choose a nickname to preserve some shyness, but feel free to ask, comment or whatever.  Don’t shy away from commenting on what I or anyone else says.  The only final authority is God, and that’s that.

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One Comment on “Welcome to Apokalupto”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Wednesday at Casa Blanca over enchiladas and chili rellenos, we discussed Martin Luther and the Reformation. They were mopping up as we dispersed into the rainy night. It was church.

    Bob knew much about the monk and the man, who appeared on the scene for such a time as that — 1517. I didn’t know that he (Luther, not Bob) translated the Bible into German while on the lamb. Reminds me of Bunyan. And come to think of it, Paul (the Apostle, not the logger.) And John. Something about incarceration. Maybe if more preachers . . . no, alas, not enough jails.

    We tossed around who might be the church reformers today. It’s writers. Whole churches alter how they do business based on somebody’s book and tape series. We can read about how to have a more purposeful church and personal life to boot. Lifeway and CBD have stacks and stacks of tomes on reform — which connotes betterment. Remember reform school? Sure you don’t.

    Good title for a blog. When an “Apocalypse Now” era listerner hears anything close to sounding like “apocal” he imagines four pale guys on horseback and cryptic numerology — 666. His pulse speeds up. But the word, we learned, means “to reveal.” Makes a good connection to the last book of the Bible. It was a revelation to us all.

    Final comment: I visited a website which contains most of Luther’s works including the 95 Theses in which he protests the selling of indulgences. It has commercial ads for Luther products! Love the irony.

    Happy Reformation Day

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